"Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." John 6:68


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Wednesday of the Twenty-fourth week in Ordinary Time

Saint(s) of the day : St. Robert Bellarmine, Bishop and Doctor of the Church (1542-1621)


Commentary of the day : Saint Bernard
The ignorance of those who refuse to turn to God

Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Luke 7:31-35.
Jesus said to the crowds: “To what shall I compare the people of this generation? What are they like?
They are like children who sit in the marketplace and call to one another, 'We played the flute for you, but you did not dance. We sang a dirge, but you did not weep.'
For John the Baptist came neither eating food nor drinking wine, and you said, 'He is possessed by a demon.'
The Son of Man came eating and drinking and you said, 'Look, he is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.'
But wisdom is vindicated by all her children."

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